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HR Consulting

Over the past few years, HR outsourcing has become a dependable way for organizations to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on core business operations. With almost 12 years of experience, ITFMS Infotech have in place the necessary processes, HR consultants, knowledge, technology, and best practices to support you in all aspects of human resources and employment administration.

We have the capability to undertake most of the HR administrative activities such as:

HR Policy , Procedure & Practices

HR policies, procedures and practices establish a framework to help to manage people. They cover everything from how the business recruits its staff through to ensuring employees are clear about procedures, expectations and rules, are how managers can go about resolving issues if they arise.

HR operations Improvements

Making HR operations more efficient. The first step to process improvement is to conduct an audit of existing processes and identify opportunities for streamlining - including automation, which can drastically shorten time to complete processes – We as ITFMS Infotech are committed to do it with expertise .

Effective change management

Effective change management provides a structured, consistent, and measurable change environment to be utilized across an organization and is a critical component in the success of its daily business. ... An organization should have a document that defines the implementation of Change Management procedure . Around 70% organizations are fail for doing it – not because their employees are not supportive but as its not proposed in a right way

Effective Talent Management

Organizations know that they must have the best talent in order to succeed in the hyper-competitive and increasingly complex global economy. Along with the understanding of the need to hire, develop, and retain talented people, organizations are aware that they must manage talent as a critical resource to achieve the best possible results.
Think of talent management as a business strategy that will help you retain exceptional employees. For effective talent management, every aspect of recruiting, hiring, and developing employees is affected positively. The goal of talent management is a superior workforce. We are committed to provide it .

Employee Assessment

Employee assessments are an effective tool for managing employee performance. On some occasions, assessments can cause anger and negativity, particularly if an employee feels the evaluation was personally critical.
However, it is important to conduct assessments to help your workers grow professionally as your company strives to reach its objectives. When paired with positive feedback, constructive comments and a clear recipe for change, doing employee assessments can be an experience that you and your employees do not have to dread . We are following fair procedure for it .

Performance & rewards Management

Performance management and reward management offers tool to an organization to not just retain its skilled workforce but to keep them motivated to perform to their best of ability. Today organizations are showing a high degree of commitment towards reinforcement of reward practices which are aligned with other HR practices and the goals of the organization for attracting, retaining and motivating employees.
Efficient reward practices helps in attracting result driven professionals who can thrive and succeed in performance based environments. Hence, it is a crucial motivator and may contribute towards the enhancement of the productivity of the employees if implemented properly.

Exit Analysis

he purpose of an exit interview is to assess the overall employee experience within your organization and identify opportunities to improve retention and engagement. Having a clear set of standards in place when conducting exit interviews can also play an essential role in risk management.

An exit interview is a tool that assesses:

  • What drives an individual to leave an organisation
  • The aspects the employee valued
  • What the individual thinks needs to improve in order to increase employee engagement, performance, and loyalty.

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Our HR solutions are designed to provide companies with a single resource which is dedicated to managing and supporting all HR and employment processes, thus allowing them to focus on the key business areas.